Technology Stack

Web Applications

We develop clean, simple, responsive and performant web applications primarily on industry leading frameworks such as ASP.NET Core, Angular, React among others. Technology choices are made based on what best suit the needs of the business.

Solution-centric approach

We select your technology stack based on proven use cases for the problem we are solving instead of a one-technology fits all approach.

Technology Roadmap & Selection
Architecture & Feature Design
Software Product Development

Mobile Applications

We create cross-platform mobile applications using ionic (cordova) and Flutter making sure they work in all screen sizes and scale well across devices and platforms.

We work with top-rated 3rd party design agencies to ensure that we are delivering just the finest of the mobile applications for you.


We power our mobile applications using state-of-the art APIs developed with ASP.NET Core, NoSQL databases among other platforms


We optimise the data being sent over the network (cache) and the compute cycles in every bit of code we write for a highly performant application.


We take a secure by design approach using pre-tested OAuth based secure protocols and frameworks and encrypt data at all times.

Clean & Simple

We abstract out code complexity from the application to ensure that the user does not have to deal with any of it. On the surface, it is still a clean and simple app.

Cognitive Services

The hype in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive services is real, but we are only just getting started.

Occasionally, we supplement our application development with standardised cognitive services from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Power of AI

We embed artificial intelligence into applications taking into account several factors. By using pre-built cognitive services from various industry leaders like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, not only do we reduce the costs of incorporating AI into the applications, we also ensure that we get the industries best accuracy when it comes to inferring the data.